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Team Leasing

Leasing is a word derived from the English language meaning to rent or to lease.  Although the concept is generally associated with the automotive and real estate market, it has many other uses and functions in various industries.  In this civil-law leasing agreement two parties are involved:

  • Sponsor, leasing party
  • Beneficiary, the lessee

The leasing process is as follows: the sponsor grants the other party the right to use pre-determined resources for a certain period of time in return for the financial amount in installments (leasing installments).

Leasing can be divided into two types:

  • Direct leasing – the producer managing the goods provides it directly to the user
  • Indirect leasing – the transaction runs between more than two people, eg. between the manager and the lessee there is a company that provides the intermediary service in leasing services

Team Leasing

A Qualified Employee  = A More Efficient Company

The history of economics spans back to antiquity when the administrators of Rome had to manage the city’s traffic and the inflow of goods to feed and ensure the safety of more than a million residents.  At that time, the very first businesses were established, such as butcheries, baths, public houses and even supermarkets and malls.  The very first shopping mall is believed to be the “Trajan’s Market”.  This ancient market outshines modern shopping centers with its impressive multi-level complex comprising of six floors which included shops, a basilica, a steam room and exclusive restaurants built for the richest of Romans.  With such a dynamic development of trade, merchants increasingly began to travel towards eastern Europe.

The exchange of goods in the form of gold and precious metals was uncomfortable for travelers with large luggage.  Back then, the Italian dealers came up with the idea of transferring the metallic coins from one customer to another.  The Italian dealers would write bills or would give tokens (the first form of money) to the merchants who exchanged the currency at that time, which they could later exchange with other traders for pure gold.  Everything took place on the ‘counter’ (in Italian, banco) from which the word bank originates.  Even though this process was extremely long and laborious at first, people were still eager to invest in banks and began over time to massively entrust their money to them.  It became a driving force for the industry in the 19th Century and for modern technological development.  Money is often seen as a core value in a company.  However, in the clash with knowledge, it eventually takes second place.  The stability of a company can only be ensured by its employees.

Here are four reasons why you should hire qualified staff:

  • Increased efficiency – profit for the company
  • Lower training costs
  • Better and more professional communication between the employees and management
  • A positive corporate image