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Team Leasing

What is Team Leasing?

Let’s say that the company finds itself in the following situation (there are four variants):

  1. It must perform a one-off task (or a rarely repeated one) that has not been undertaken previously
  2. There is a staff shortage (employees are on sick leave or on holiday)
  3. Employees do not have the authority to perform a certain task
  4. Temporary shortage of employees (eg. in the case of a larger job)

First Condition agreement between the two parties

Second Condition agreement between the parties on the remuneration and the duration of the employee’s position

The pros and cons of Team Leasing:

  • Reduction of labor costs
  • The emergence of a minimum employment policy (for bigger jobs additional team leaders are employed)
  • The need to ensure replacement in the absence of permanent employees (as a result of holiday or sick leave)
  • A lower risk of dismissal of permanent staff
  • No employment surplus

Professional team leasing companies offer a number of tailor-made services.  The hired team leader can manage his group (which can also be hired under team leasing) remotely, on-site or off-site.  This assures not only the takeover of responsibility by the external team but also the support of qualified staff.  Recruiters are the most common types of team-leasing hires.  Not every company needs to keep such an employee permanently because shortages in staff appear at large intervals.  The company also minimizes costs of training and workshops for the recruits, who should always be up to date on technological developments etc. on the market.  By being paid a particular salary the entrepreneur gets a service performed by qualified workers with professional experience that translate into more productive work, and in the case of recruiters, an assembly of workers in a team who will undertake even the most difficult projects.

The next section in team leasing is Information Technology (IT).  Nowadays every company is somehow connected with the Internet.  From basic information – such as the company address, main office, branches, location on map, contact number, managerial data, or its mission and purpose; to databases and the internal staff system.  This requires security, 24/7 network service and guidelines for less-skilled workers.  Often, many new projects that companies undertake and implement require the use of new information technologies that some companies may not have encountered before.

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The outsourcing of IT staff guarantees the assistance of experienced programmers and experts in the industry.  These may be single advisory units or whole teams hired to complete different stages of a project.

What is also popular among team leasing companies is the collection of CV databases and categorizing them based on skills, experience and overall candidate image.  This allows for faster mediation between the employee and employer.  There is no need to search online portals or classifieds in other media.  It’s enough to simply start working with the specialists in this field.  It’s easy, quick, and above all, it directly influences the development of your business.